Central Server BRAIN CSB-1

Central server collects data from particular measuring sites, stores the data into database, and evaluates current state of measured transmitters based on information provided by measuring sites. Gathered measurements and current state of transmitting network are visually presented as well as log records and measurement statistics.
System can be fully controlled via web browser on customer's computer without any further requirements on additional software installations.
Access to the web application with current state of the network is protected by username and password and particular rights can be granted per user basis - system administrator (full access to control and settings), system user (full access to control without any access to settings), guest (read-only view without any control). Additional users/roles can be added according to customer needs.
Default view of the Web application presents current state of all measured entities/transmitters placed upon underlying map. Transmitters can be selected to get a list of gathered measurements (log), identification information, and statistics according to the configured settings.
Web visualization allows users to apply various ordering and filter criteria on listings of measured values of particular or all entities/transmitters and to create statistical evaluation. Those features can be modified according to customer needs.
In the administration section user can define the structure and relation of entities/transmitters, measuring sites, and configure the information to display. The information can be altered over time. User account management and measurement evaluation parameters (threshold levels) are configured in a similar way.