Measuring Site OKO


Measuring site is composed of a controlling device unit with universal computer input and output ports and our special software running on Linux operating system. In case of DVB-T measuring the software takes advantage of the Linux DVB API. To receive the digital terrestrial broadcasting the unit is equipped with a DVB-T tuner and directional aerial. Prior to bringing a site into service every measuring unit is calibrated with attached aerial.
Measuring site is regularly checking the quality of received signal(s). The frequency of measurement and signal threshold levels are customizable and they determine the information to submit to central server for further processing.
In basic configuration the connection of measuring site and central server is realized using an ethernet connection. Optionally, measuring site can take advantage of a GSM modem for wireless connection to server.
Measuring device can be delivered in various versions including indoor and outdoor installations. All versions can be equipped with back-up power supply.
Measuring site is a staffless unit that can be serviced using the remote connection from central server.
Versatile controlling unit running an operating system allows flexible adapting to customer needs.